Welcome to Aspire! Aspire is an envelope-style budgeting spreadsheet. Its primary goal is to give you the power and ability to be proactive with your finances - all in a delightfully designed Google Sheet. With Aspire, you can see your budget with just a glance, quickly add transactions as you make them, and run reports to gain new insights on your spending.
Aspire is full of features to help you budget your finances. These docs will help you understand the basics of budgeting and explain how to use Aspire.
Take a look at the Getting Started page for information on setting up your Aspire sheet.

🤝 Contributing to the docs

You can help contribute to the Aspire Budgeting Docs on our GitHub page. Anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to help me improve this documentation. If you find an mistake anywhere in the docs, please open an issue or create a pull request.

🌎 Join our community

We have a wonderful Reddit community and we'd love it if you joined us! Or, if you prefer, you can follow Aspire Budgeting on Twitter.
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