Welcome to [email protected]! Aspire is a powerful budgeting spreadsheet built on the foundation of Google Sheets. Aspire has thousands of users and serves the broad market of users all over the world who want a simple and full-featured budgeting tool. Even though Aspire has many built in features and functions, there are countless opportunities to extend these basic features with custom views and extensions. [email protected] is the official program through which Aspire can be extended and posted for the community at large to consume.

How can I extend Aspire?

Extending Aspire is easy. Here in the docs is an entire section dedicated to the various ways in which you can reference Aspire's data. These references are called Named Ranges. They allow a value or range to be accessed without the consumer of the value(s) needing to worry about which exact cell(s) the data is stored in. This is useful because as Aspire grows and changes, cells and locations of data may be relocated in the Aspire spreadsheet. Having these references (Named Ranges) removes the builder's concern of needing to update code and formulas with any new/changed cell references. This allows you as the build to be totally focused on building great extensions, apps, and spreadsheets.

[email protected] project classifications

Aspire can be extended in many ways. There are 3 classifications of [email protected] projects. These are:
  • Spreadsheets
  • Apps / Mobile apps
  • CLI tools & scripts


Spreadsheets are the easiest way to extend Aspire. A few examples may include loan calculators, forecasting tools, or new dashboard/report types.

Apps / Mobile apps

Apps are another category of Aspire projects. These will typically be mobile apps, widgets, or websites. These can range from having simple functions like viewing balances to more complex functions like adding transactions or viewing reports.

CLI tools & scripts

And finally, CLI tools may exist to accomlish tasks like data transforms, data backups, formatting, etc.